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Dining News: The Rind to Open in 4 to 6 Weeks

The Rind, located next to the old L Wine Lounge space at 1801 L Street, is still 4 to 6 weeks away from its Grand Opening, says owner Steve Tatterson in an interview on Monday evening.

Construction on the restaurant, which will focus on wine, cheese and beer, is almost complete, with the bar area done. Tatterson says that he has minor construction left on things like shelf installation, and the restaurant still needs final permits from the city.

The restaurant itself will hold no more than 30 people, and it feels smaller than the 58 Degrees space.

I'm really excited about the restaurant. The concept is different and new. It's in a centrally-located part of town, and the owner seemed down to earth and super friendly.

To learn more about The Rind, visit their Web site at, on Twitter, @The_Rind, or like them on Facebook.

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