Dining News: Catching Up with Team Broderick, More on Piccola Citta


Last week, I ran into Chris Jarosz of Team Broderick passing by Capital Dime (one of their restaurants) and got a few updates from him. First on Piccola Citta, the restaurant replacing the recently-shuttered Trick Pony.

  • The restaurant will open in approximately 3 weeks.
  • One of the things they learned about the space is that a pizza centric concept didn't make sense logistically. The pizza oven, while great, was small and couldn't produce the volume they needed. At Tuli, it was just a part of the restaurant, not the foundation. In the new restaurant, it will return to being a great feature, but not the central cooking instrument.
  • The clientele who dined at Trick Pony was very similar to the clientele that dine at Tuli, meaning they could support a higher price point than a neighborhood pizza joint. In response to that consumer demand, Piccola Citta will be a little more upscale than Trick Pony.

Other non-Piccola Citta updates:

  • Team Broderick is in discussions with a Bay Area group to license the Broderick name. (A friend in the restaurant industry explained to me over the weekend that licensing and franchising are very different. Licensing generally means that in exchange for using the name, they pay a percentage sales, profit or whatever the agreed upon metric is. Franchising includes training, support and control, in exchange for payments. You can learn more here.)
  • Jarosz also talked about The Patriot, his project at  Milagro Centre, a public market in Carmichael. He says that project is one that he's doing on his own separate from Team Broderick and that the cuisine will include more seafood than at his other restaurants. The food will also reflect his journey through life.

I have a ton of respect for Team Broderick and I look forward to trying their new restaurants.

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Dining News: Auburn's Carpe Vino a 'Truly Marvelous Restaurant'


Sac Bee restaurant critic Blair Anthony Robertson has found another restaurant to put into the highest tier of restaurants in the Sacramento region - Carpe Vino in Auburn.

But here’s a chef, so talented and committed to his craft, whose name really should be on the tip of every serious epicurean’s tongue. And the restaurant itself – a breeze to enjoy as a drop-by spot for a glass of wine and a snack or for an involved multicourse dinner – deserves to be considered right up there among the handful of the best in the region...

When it comes to farm-to-fork dining, Alexander and Carpe Vino are leaders.

Alexander’s way of expressing ingredients both familiar and esoteric, his preference for complementary and contrasting textures, his sense of color and balance on the plate, his notion to both reassure and challenge the palate, and, more than anything, his ability to build layer upon layer of flavor using time-honored techniques, are apparent throughout his repertoire.

Read the entire review in the Sac Bee.

Owner Gary Moffatt wrote a short blog post about the review.

Robertson, who has a reputation among restaurant owners for throwing stars around like they were manhole covers, was critical of the noise issue in the main dining room during the height of service...yet the weight of all of the other quality factors compelled him to award the maximum rating.

The review (click here) quite reasonably focused on the food, but our entire crew, front and back of house, get an equal share of the responsibility for all that we do.  There is no question in my mind, that pound-for-pound, Carpe Vino’s staff is champion caliber and competitive with the big boys in Midtown. . .and beyond.

Read the entire post on Carpe Vino's Blog.

I wrote about my visit to Carpe Vino last month, raving about the prix fixe meal I had during the Winter Olympics. I completely agree with Robertson about the mastery of the chef's cooking and the value the restaurant brings with its wines at retail prices. I only wish it were a little closer.

Carpe Vino is located at 1568 Lincoln Way, Auburn and can be found online at

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Dining News: Coriander Savory Vietnamese Food to Open on April 24


Coriander Savory Vietnamese Food, which replaces Midtown Deli at Alhambra Blvd and S Street, will open on April 24 at 4 p.m., it announced on its Facebook page.

On its Web site, this is how Coriander describes its concept:

Vietnamese food has become more mainstream and desirable over the years due to the fact that it's light, healthy, yet tasty and hearty. Traditional Vietnamese dishes have garnered praises from today's food lovers for its fresh ingredients, minimal use of oil and abundant use of fresh herbs and vegetables such as lemongrass, ginger, garlic, coriander and mints. With the balance of fresh herbs, meats and selective spices, Vietnamese food is considered one of the healthiest worldwide.

The Vietnamese Coriander (Rau Ram) is a fresh herb commonly used in Vietnamese cuisine. It can be found as a beautiful garnish or paired with other herbs to enhance the flavor of a traditional dish.

Our food stem mostly from central Vietnam which is a little more spicy than northern or southern Vietnam. From grilled meat served over rice noodles and fresh herbs to delicious savory noodle soups that have been simmered for hours, all of our menu items have been family favorites over the years.

At Coriander restaurant, diners will enjoy savory Vietnamese appetizers and entrees in a clean and modern environment without compromising quality, taste, and service.

I stopped by over the weekend, and it looked like the place has was still a work in progress, but it was taking shape. If memory serves, the counter was installed, along with a lot of the flooring.

It reminded me of Wayside Noodles in Natomas inasmuch as it looked like a fast casual restaurant setup.

Efforts to reach the owner via phone and e-mail over the last few weeks for more information have been unsuccessful.

I'll keep you updated as I learn more.

Coriander is located at 1899 Alhambra Blvd. and can be found online at

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Dining News: Cafe Plan B 'Space is Absolutely Stunning'

Plan B Cafe (2)

Cafe Plan B, which opened at the end of February at 20th & Capitol (next to Jack's Urban Eats), got its first visit from a major critic - Sac Mag's Kira O'Donnell.

But the most unusual aspect of the restaurant is its lack of traditional waitstaff – patrons simply select their meal (including beverages) from a Presto touchscreen tablet located on their table (which, by the way, offers games to play if you’re feeling bored). Standout menu items from my visit included ethereal, doll-sized raviolis stuffed with Compté cheese and drizzled with crème fraiche; a dazzling butter lettuce salad embellished with toasted walnuts, Roquefort cheese and sun-dried cherries; and a velvety, elegant crème brûlée.

Read the entire post in Sac Mag.

Ally Gaffan on A Girl & Her Fork also paid Cafe Plan B a visit.

I've always felt a great dining experience can mainly be gauged by three things- a relaxing atmosphere, friendly and efficient service and delicious food. When my friend Misa and I stopped in on Friday, Plan B Café delivered strong on all three counts. The owners of the new bistro have really spruced the place up.

Read the entire post on A Girl & Her Fork.

I've eaten there once - during the week of their soft opening, and loved the place. It's a little pricey, but still a good value for your meal. I also appreciate their tablet-based ordering system. Between ordering the food when you were ready and paying for it right away, I feel like it shaved 7 to 10 minutes off my lunch visit, which is crucial if you're on a tight schedule.

One of my co-workers at there this week and came back raving about the food. I can't wait to give it another try.

More News:

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Dining Deals: Vallejo's, 3 Fires Lounge, Kupros

The Legislature's on Spring Break this week, which means many of you who do business in or around the State Capitol have a little free time over the next couple days. For Legislative types, I suspect for many, that time gets filled with a couple extra drinks. If you're going to do that, why not do it fro 2/3rds off?

  • $10 for $30 at Vallejo's O Street and 4th Street Locations. (Use the promo code "BESTOF" to get the deal at this price.) Offer ends on Thursday.

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If you work downtown, you've probably eaten at Vallejo's Mexican Food. They're a solid option for lunch, and an onverlooked option for dinner. Here's your opportunity to eat there half off.

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Daily Dining Deals: Ink, Vallejo's, Giovanni's Pizzeria

I've been on a brunch kick recently, but it's hard finding good deals that include brunch. Luckily, Ink Eats & Drinks has a half off deal that lets me eat my weekend midmorning meal on the cheap. (Click here for happy hour info.)

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Looking for more deals like this? Check out the Cowtown Eats guide to saving 50 percent at good restaurants.