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Dining News: Food Mob to Serve at Sac Airport Cell Phone Lot


In September, the Sacramento Airport started looking for food trucks to serve food at the cell phone lot, where there could be hungry people waiting for their friends or relatives to arrive.

At that time, I wrote that it'd be hard to imagine a food truck going there full time, but that it's more likely that a consortium of food trucks would take turns at the cell phone lot. Turns out, that's exactly what happened.

Food Mob, a group of food trucks including Orale Mole, Gyro King, Luciano's Gelato (serving coffee) and Slightly Skewed, will send trucks to the lot on select days through the end of the year. Food Mob says that more food trucks will be added as the trucks get approved by the airport.

Currently, the trucks scheduled to be at the cell phone lot are Luciano's Gelato on Monday, Dec. 2 and Gyro King on Thursday, Dec. 5 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Check for updates.

While I'm excited that the airport and food truck industry are looking for ways to work together, I'm still skeptical that there will be enough volume to make this work. I've been to the airport more than 45 times this year (mostly for work), and I honestly don't even know where the cell phone lot is. Maybe it's not aimed at me since I'm driving myself to and from the airport and not picking somebody up, but it would be a pleasant surprise if this ends up working out.

For another account, check out Allen Pierleoni in the Sac Bee or Marianne Russ on Capitol Public Radio.

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Toy Drive and Happy Hour to Benefit WEAVE - Love to party with a purpose? Then join the Handle District, Midtown Business Association, 58 Degrees & Holding Co. and Girls on the Grid as we help fill WEAVE’s annual Holiday Toy Shoppe! On Girls on the Grid.

Body found off coast confirmed as missing Roseville restaurateur - The Mendocino County Coroner's office has confirmed that the body found by divers Sunday in the Pacific Ocean near Gualala is Stephen Pease, a missing Roseville restaurateur. Pease, owner of Sammy's Rockin' Island Bar & Grill and several other Roseville businesses, was last seen Nov. 3 when he checked out of a Fort Bragg motel and drove off in a rental car. Ed Fletcher in the Sac Bee.

Bringing back coffee to Riverside Boulevard: Vic’s Café to serve Temple Coffee and Old Soul baked goods - The 3100 block on Riverside Boulevard has a recent history of coffee shops that have come and gone. Central Valley Coffee used to be the neighborhood go-to place for a hot cup of java. Also, there was a small coffee bar inside Land Bark Pet Supplies that closed in 2010. To fill the void, Vic’s Ice Cream owner Craig Rutledge is opening up Vic’s Café next door to the parlor, where he will be serving up Temple Coffee and baked goods from Old Soul. “The beauty shop (Artisan) moved across the street and there’s no coffee shop anymore on Riverside. There isn’t anything around here,” Rutledge said. “The closest decent coffee place is Espresso Metro. And we just have the Starbuck’s on Freeport and the one inside Target. And we have the La Bou on Sutterville (Boulevard) and Land Park (Drive).” Monica Stark in Land Park News.

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Dining News: Primer on Hock Farm


I get that most of you don't read every article about new restaurants or keep up with every little development. That's ok - that means you're normal.

But sometimes, that means you miss some of the broad strokes about new restaurants like Hock Farm.

Here's a great piece by Isabel Ward in Comstocks Mag that highlights all the major players who brought about Downtown's newest Fork-to-Farm restaurant.

The new Hock Farm Craft & Provisions restaurant has a three-fold investment.

With Shaun Freeman as general manager, Brad Peters as bar manager and David LaRoche as the chef partner, the trio teamed up to bring a new spin to a veteran company known for its quality food and service...

Deemed the ringleader, Freeman, who previously worked at Paragary’s Café Bernardo and KBar, was introduced to the Hock Farm possibility by Randy Paragary last summer. After leaving the company, Freeman said he decided to take the position once Hock Farm became official.

He says each owner brings a niche ability to the restaurant that helps it function as a whole.

“It’s funny. Brad’s got his corner, chef’s got his corner and then I’m kind of smack dab in the middle, and I kind of bring everything together with the guests,” Freeman says.

Read the entire article in Comstocks Mag.

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'Candy-cot' pie is the seasonal treat at Karen's Bakery - Karen Holmes, owner of Karen's Bakery & Cafe, always has something good cooking in the oven. Now and for the next three weeks or so (while the apricot supply lasts), it's the seasonal apricot pie ($25), weighing in at five pounds. Last time we tasted a slice, we wanted a second right away. Allen Pierleoni in the Sac Bee.

One Whopper Of A Win - Restaurateur William Taylor emailed me this "obit" over the weekend: "The local guys win. Burger King closed the Arden and Fair Oaks location on Wednesday evening 6/26/13. The logo signs came down on Friday marking a victory for local competitors." Cathie Anderson in the Sac Bee.

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Dining News: Cool Treats for a Hot Weekend

VicsicecreamI'm sure you've heard it by now. It's going to be hot this weekend. But that doesn't mean you can't cool yourself down with a sweet treat.

Sac Mag lists four places to get a banana split, including my favorite, Vic's Ice Cream.

3199 Riverside Blvd.
PRICE: $6.75
Seeing a thick, sensuous swath of whipped cream spread across the three scoops, I immediately gave a thumbs-up to my banana split at Vic’s, another Sacramento landmark (since 1949). It also was loaded with crunchy, fresh, thick-cut almonds, and the ice cream was rich and tasty. While the cherry was inexplicably MIA, this did not stop me from loving every spoonful.

They also feature the deliciousness of Gunther's Ice Cream Shop, Burr's Fountain and Leatherby's Family Creamery. Read the entire story in Sac Mag.

But if ice cream isn't what you're looking for, try the Shave Ice at Osaka-Ya. Others may make shave ice, but its the best in the area.

Finally, the Sac Bee named the Top 10 Frozen Treats in Sacramento.

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Slice of brain freeze: Vic's Ice Cream's ice-cream pie - If separately ice cream and pie each embody the very definition of “comfort food,” then ice-cream pie must be the ultimate edible consolation. Vic's Ice Cream does it exceptionally well with specialty selections. Rachel Leibrock in Sac News & Review.

HeavenLy’s Yogurt - There are dozens of commendable frozen yogurt shops in Sacramento, but none of them quite compare to my personal favorite, HeavenLy’s Yogurt. Tucked on the corner of 56th and H Street in East Sacramento, HeavenLy’s is a charming yogurt shop with endless flavor possibilities and an exceptionally friendly staff. With more than 50 toppings to choose from, a root beer float fountain, and two dozen yogurt flavors that range from Alpine Vanilla to Non-Fat Green Apple and even Irish Mint – it’s impossible to get bored with the limitless combinations! Ana Marie Aguas on Sac Foodies.

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Daily Dining News: New Sports Bar on K St?


George Karpaty, the man behind Dive Bar, District 30 and Pizza Rock, is planning on adding to a sports bar to his K Street empire, reports Michael Shaw in the Sac Biz Journal.

Despite the elimination of Sacramento’s redevelopment agency, officials believe the guidelines will permit the release of $2 million in funds for another trendy venue on K Street by San Francisco nightclub owner George Karpaty.

He is proposing a new sports bar and grill on the ground floor at 1012 K St. Plans include bocce courts in the basement and virtual golf, shuffleboard and other games on the second floor lounge. It’s next door to Karpaty’s other venues, the mermaid-themed Dive Bar, the District 30 club and Pizza Rock restaurant.

Read the entire article in the Sac Biz Journal. (Subscription required.)

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5 Kid-Friendly Restaurants (That Adults Will Like, Too) - I shudder when I hear the phrase “kid-friendly restaurant.” It often refers to an eatery that’s boisterous, loud, inexpensive and, honestly, adult-unfriendly – both in ambience and food quality. But there are a number of great dining choices in the region that manage to satisfy (and entertain) both youngsters and their parents (and they don’t serve pre-frozen chicken fingers or gelatinous macaroni and cheese). Here’s five of our faves: Mikuni, Hot Italian, Capitol Dawg, Vic's Ice Cream & Sunflower Drive In. Kira O'Donnell in Sac Mag.

Dining review: Despite a few misfires, the Broiler gets old-school quite right - This is not culinary artistry. It is steak and potatoes, maybe salmon with a glaze that will put a smile on your face. The wine list won't win any awards for originality, but you'll find something in your price range to go with steak or fish. More than anything, the Broiler is about something that won't go out of style: the human element that is so tough to get right at a restaurant. During three recent visits, we had one good server, one very good server and one exceptional server. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

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