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Dining News - Two Takes on Tank House BBQ, Both Mostly Positive


Tank House, the BBQ joint that replaced Had's on J, has been a popular place to review since it opened at the end of August. (Related Story: Dickey's BBQ is opening just across the train tracks from Tank House.)

Said the Sac Bee's Blair Anthony Robertson in mid-September:

The brisket was very tender and nicely prepared. It had clearly been cooking low and slow for many hours. Good stuff. And it was great with a craft beer. The ribs were pleasingly smoky and the meat was also tender and full of flavor. We especially enjoyed the brisket sandwich. The mac ’n’ cheese seemed ordinary, but the “dirty mac and cheese” may be the way to go — they add a smoked meat to the equation.

Now, the Sac News & Review's Garrett McCord and The Sac Rag chime in. First, the Sac News & Review:

The ribs are astounding in texture: The meat falls off the bone with confidence that your mouth will catch it. A lack of salt or spice on the ribs, however, robs them of the chance of being truly astonishing. (An easy fix.)

The brisket—that’s the crux of any barbeque joint. If a barbeque joint’s brisket is bad, it should close down to save face. You barbeque diehards out there know it’s the truth. So, how is it at Tank House?

It’s fantastic—as tender as the first time you held hands with a high-school crush, with a sweet, smoky flavor that’s just as memorable. Loaded onto the sandwich and served with white American cheese, it makes for an epic meal.

Now, The Sac Rag:

The brisket was awesome last time I tried it, the ribs good, the greens out of this greeniverse, and the mac and cheese (despite the inanely shaped pasta that looks more like a bottle brushes than traditional elbows) is scrumptious, especially when smoked chicken is rolled into the mix.

Orders are taken at the bar, pub style. And there’s nothing wrong with that except the service is surly, no other word for it.

I haven't been to the restaurant yet, but I can't wait to give the place a try.

Tank House is located at 1925 J Street, and can be found online at http://tankhousesacramento.com/.

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